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Hello there! Welcome to UNI documents! Here you will find docs of the UNISWAP V2 ecosystem. If you’re a new Uniswap user, check Protocol Overview or FAQ first!

To get to know the program, read our welcome post.

Uniswap UNI: first steps

  1. Uniswap UNI SDK helps developers to integrate into any environment, which can work with Java Script. His main advantage is in both easy working with hackathon and production projects. It starts with SDK-code in the application statement controlling by «import» and «require». By the way, guides are using ES6-syntax.   
  2. Smart development contacts for Ethereum sys — includes an offline system for creating and testing EVM bytecode. There are many kinds of tools.·        
  3. FlashSwaps — allows clients to use all abilities of ERC20-token and arbitrary-log provides best conditions.·        
  4. Oracles and chain price feeds are hi-decentralized and resistant systems, based on UNI V2. They are crucial and helpful for DeFi-protocol security.

Uniswap token: UNIsidebar

Get to know our UNI-sidebar to find more documents covering other protocol features. Explore all the features of the system!

Links for developers:

Uniswap code-base is an eco-system of complex open-source tools.

  • uniswap_v2_core
  • uniswap_v2_periphery
  • uniswap_fronted
  • uniswap_sdk

Explore the UNI SDK and collaboration with API-objects, techniques, constituents, and answers.

SDK — the main part of which is fractions. It uses integer mathematic to replicate the actual computation carried out on-system. With help of modern tech and integer implementation, it prevents an overflow.

API — this part controls data, tokens UNI, etc, also it subgraph indexes data from the


SmartContracts — is at {0x5C69bEe701ef814a2B6a3EDD4B1652CB9cc5aA6f} on the Ethereum and other testnets, built from 8160750 commit.

Whitepaper — you can check more information here.

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